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Child Therapist

About us



I am a certified sleep coach with over 20 years' experience in teaching, childcare, child behaviour and addressing sleep issues. 


I am also a mummy to five wonderful children aged between 3 and 14, which has not only given me a huge amount of practical advice to share but also the ability to empathise and relate to parents. Each and every child is completely different and has their own individual needs so it is important to establish a sleep approach that suits those needs. 
Enabling families to enjoy improved sleep is my passion and improving the day to day lives of a family in those precious years of childhood is my motivation. I will always go above and beyond to ensure you and your family get the sleep you need. 

As well as the more straightforward cases I specialise in more complex areas of: multiples, reflux, older children and behaviourally related sleep issues. 


I am a mummy to two wonderful boys, and wife to an amazing husband. Throughout my life, I have always loved helping people, and believe that one of the most rewarding things I have done is to support families in helping their babies sleep.


I became involved with sleep support and became a certified sleep consultant after my own experience. I have been in your shoes, and experienced the lows that come through a lack of sleep. Helping others who have been in my shoes, and seeing their transformation is what inspires and motivates me.


Sleep support is more than increasing how long your baby sleeps, it is about improving family life, saving relationships and getting your life back. 

My approach is parent led and I will work with you to get to the bottom of what might be causing the sleep challenges and then working together to establish a plan that suits you and your parenting style.  

Away from sleep coaching I have spent a great deal of my life within the HR profession, supporting and coaching many working parents through the obstacles of balancing work and home life. Add lack of sleep to an already exhausted parent and you are very much running on empty. My first-hand experience and knowing the life changing power of solid sleep is why I love what I do.



I’m a certified sleep consultant with over 20 years' experience working alongside families, I specialise in early years where I gained qualifications in Children’s learning and development.  

I have studied Adverse childhood experiences and children’s sleep therapy and assisting families with these issues has become a real passion of mine.


Each child is genuinely unique and I enjoy meeting their individual needs, I find it incredibly rewarding to help children and their parents to get a good night of sleep and seeing their children thrive as a result.

I have 3 children of my own and live a really busy life with my own children, my husband and supporting families with their sleep issues I know that I could not manage this without a great night of sleep every night!

For all enquiries please contact us.

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